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eMusic in Europe

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Published on: 12 September 2006

According to this official press release digital music download service eMusic is launching across all the 25 EU states.
IMHO eMusic is an interesting service because the files available for download are in the MP3 format, making them fully iPod-compatible and free from digital rights management software restrictions (such as expiration, copying or CD-burning limitations). The lack of digital rights management (DRM) encoding and low price model have made the service unable to carry material from most major music labels, leading it to specialize in indie rock and pop, jazz, electronica, and classical music (i.e. the music I like).
eMusic had 1,000,000 tracks available for download as of December 2005. New subscribers receive 25 free downloads over a period of 14 days. After the trial period, unless the user cancels, the trial account turns into a subscription account. Subscriptions allow users to download a number of tracks per month. There are several subscription levels, with increasingly costly subscriptions allowing downloads of even more tracks.
Subscriptions availables are:

  • eMusic Basic: £8.99/ €12.99 per month/40 downloads – that’s 22p/ € 0.32 a song
  • eMusic Plus: £11.99/ €16.99 per month/65 downloads – that’s 18p/ € 0.26 a song
  • eMusic Premium: £14.99/ €20.99 per month/90 downloads – that’s 17p/ € 0.23 a song

Well, the prices are low, but eMusic UK and eMusic Europe have markedly inflated prices compared to their North American counterpart, partially due to the extra sales taxes which these stores are now subject to.

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