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Published on: 12 December 2009

An insteresting video (mostly in french) about the making of hist whist for violin and live electronics by Marco Stroppa at IRCAM studio.

Composer and computer scientist, fellow traveler of IRCAM since the beginning of the 1980s, Marco Stroppa is an artist for whom musical invention is inseparable from the exploration of new scientific and technological arenas. His series of works for solo instrument and chamber electronics (including little i, I will not kiss your f.ing flag, and … of silence) offers the opportunity to explore novel methods for projecting sound in the concert hall and renew the computer paradigms that regulate the relationship between the worlds of instrumental and synthesized sounds.

What is the relationship between a poem written by a young ee cummings, the score-following program Antescofo, and a column of loudspeakers placed in the middle of the stage next to the violinist Hae-Sun Kang found in the new work in this series, hist whist (2009).

Click here to start the video.

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