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Published on: 26 February 2008

Jacob Sudol è un giovane compositore americano. Giovane davvero, una volta tanto, essendo nato a Des Moines, Iowa, nel 1980.

Dal suo blog traggo questo bel brano, “Sing/Lose”, per 15 strumenti, scritto nel 2007.

L’autore dice:

The title “Sing/Lose” refers to the two primary preoccupations in my music, and in this piece – as in all my music – I approach these preoccupations abstractly. For example, “Sing” does not refer literally to singing but to a lyricism in the phrases and timbres, as well as to an almost breath-like musical flow. Likewise, “Lose” does not refer to any specific loss but to Andrei Tarkovsky’s assertion that “the life force of music is materialized on the brink of its own total disappearance.” In this piece “Lose” refers to the eventual disintegration, decay, even death of the work’s organic material and form.

Jacob Sudol – Sing/Lose (2007) for chamber ensemble (15 players)
Performed by the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne conducted by Lorraine Vaillancourt

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